Custom Fabricated Awning Shapes

Awning Shapes

Popular awning shapes can be modified to meet your needs. Awning shapes may be combined to create a spectacular look, include graphics and transform your awning into a sign. Awnings may be illuminated for night time exposure.

Shed Awning Shapes

Shed Awning Shapes

Shed awning is the most common shape. It is popular with both commercial and residential customers. The dimensions can be changed to fit most applications.

Gable Awning Shapes

Gable Shape

Gable shape can be used over an entry door or a drive through window. It can also be used as a walkway canopy or to cover a deck. The flat face provides an excellent location for signage.



Half-Round Awning Shapes

Half-Round Awning Shapes

Half-Round awnings are used mainly in commercial settings over entrances or drive-thru windows. The flat face is an excellent location for signage.



Waterfall Awning Shapes

Waterfall Awning Shapes

Waterfall awning is an excellent choice for a backlit awning with a large flat face for logos. Dimensions of a waterfall awning are dictated by the overall height of the awning and the size of the radius. The width of the awning is unlimited.

Waterfall Awning Shape 2

Waterfall awnings are an attractive shape that can be built with or without a ridgid valance. Used to cover windows or an entire storefront.




Options for a Scalloped Valance

The bottom edge of every awning needs to be finished in some way to prevent the fabric from fraying. The fabric can wrap around the frame and secured either by lacing, tek screws or staples. This is referred to as a rigid valance. If the fabric hangs freely below the frame, it can hemmed straight or scalloped. If it is scalloped, the cut edge is bound with acrylic awning braid. The braid is sewn on the bottom edge providing a finished look.

The scalloped edge can be cut in many styles. All styles are possible with solid color but not all work well with all stripe patterns. The most popular style is the undulating curve, or wave, which works well with all solid and stripe selections. The awning braid comes in a variety of colors and can blend with the fabric or contrast with it.

Options for a Scalloped Awning Valance

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