Canvas Awnings

There are a variety of fabrics available that are suitable to use on exterior or interior canvas awnings or banner application. There are also many considerations to think about before making a decision on the type of fabric to use for a commercial or residential awning or canopy.

What colors can I choose from for my canvas awnings?

Color is usually the main consideration for canvas awnings. If a specific color is desired, that may limit the available options. Solution dyed acrylic fabrics, like Sunbrella or Recacril, have the most color options and both come in solid and stripe patterns.

Do the canvas awnings have to be flame retardant?

If the awning is to be installed in a commercial application, the answer is yes. In that case, Sunbrella Firesist is a popular choice for woven fabrics. Most vinyl selections, whether laminated or coated are also flame retardant.

What about color retention?

Color retention is also very important to think about when selection fabric for canvas awnings. All fabric will have some color loss due to exposure to the sun, the amount of color loss has to due greatly with which direction the fabric faces and the amount of environmental hazards that are in the area. An awning with a southern exposure will not last as long as one on the north side of the building. Choosing a fabric with a 10 year warranty over a five year warranty would guarantee a longer fabric life.

Are canvas awnings easy to clean?

Cleaning ability is also very important.  Smooth vinyl fabrics are easier to clean than woven acrylic fabrics. Ferrari502 and Weblon Coasltine Plus are popular choices for commercial and industrial applications because the dirt will wash off when it rains. All the fabric selections offered by Fabric Forms are high quality and will provide a long lasting attractive awning. Your sales representative can help you choose the appropriate color and fabric type for your project. Contact us today to get started.

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SUNBRELLA Samples for canvas awnings

SUNBRELLA- A favorite for awning and marine use, Sunbrella fabric offers excellent fade and weather resistance. Soft and easy to work with. Water repellent. Guaranteed for 10 years against loss of color or strength from normal exposure conditions.




SUNBRELLA FIRESIST- Use for interior and exterior applications where flame resistance is required. Colorfast, mildew resistant and breathable.





TOP NOTCH ELITE-  A 100% solution dyed polyester fabric with a water repellant finish. Because it performs like no other solution dyed fabric on the market, you don’t have to choose between weight, strength, abrasion resistance, breathability, color fastness and water resistance. In a common 9 ounce weight, it is more breathable than any other solution dyed fabrics while still being more water resistant. Also, you get the superior strength and durability you have come to know from MarChem CFI fabrics. It can be used for many outdoor applications such as marine tops, awnings, canopies or anywhere a strong, breathable, UV resistant fabric is needed.

WEATEHRMAX canvas awnings

WEATHERMAX- Super high strength and durability combine with long-term color retention to deliver a truly versatile outdoor fabric for a variety of applications. The industry’s most balanced and cost-effective fabric available for marine covers and tops, awnings,or other outdoor applications requiring outstanding durability, higher water repellence and excellent breathability.



WEBLON COASTLINE PLUS- A popular and versatile, vinyl laminated polyester fabric. Coastline Plus offers durability and beauty in a generous selection of fade resistant colors in both solids and stripes. Rain Kleen surface treatment prolongs fabric life, preserves color and maintains cleanliness.




FERRARI PRECONSTRAINT 502- Delivers a remarkable performance in dimensional stability, weather resistance and durability. It is flame retardant and comes with an 8 year warranty. The fabric is suited for the most demanding commercial and residential products.




COOLEY-BRITE LITE- Flexible yet durable, Cooley-Brite Lite is a lightweight, vinyl coated polyester that features excellent translucency for any backlit awning application. It’s advanced scrim design enhances graphic effects to provide superior quality an luminescent colors.



NORTHSTAR fabrics for canvas awnings

NORTHSTAR- Designed specifically for backlit awnings, it features the same color on the face and back. Providing maximum brilliance and consistent translucency. Highly resistant to utlraviolet light, mildew, rot and water, and has strong resilience to fade, weather, scuff and abrasion.




WEATHERTYTE- All weather high performance composite vinyl substrate that looks like woven canvas. Weathertyte is waterproof, resists fungus and stains, and is easy to clean. It resists sagging better the woven acrylic and is flame retardant. Weathertyte has an 8 year manufacturers warranty.

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