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Residential Awnings

By extending your living space with a beautiful fabric awning on your home your adding functional square footage that will extend your living space outdoors for your family and friends to enjoy for many years. The addition of a fabric canopy or awning will not only improve the how much you use your outdoor space, it will enhance the style with color and dimension. Installing fabric canopy over a deck or patio will protect it from the harsh elements, reducing maintenance and prolong it’s life. Add custom made window awnings to every window on the front of the house for added curb appeal or just on the sunny side to protect your carpet and furniture from fading. Along with sun protection, window awnings will help save you money by keeping the house cooler in the summer taking the stress off your air conditioner.
Most fabric awnings can be used year round and have a life span of 10-12 years. After the fabric wears out the frame and hardware can be recovered with new fabric for many more years of use. If desired the fabric can be taken
off a canopy frame and stored for the winter, many people enjoy the sunshine in the cold months. If you have pull
up style window awnings and do not want them providing shade in the winter, they should be taken down and stored,
not pulled up for extended periods of time. If an awning is pull up for the winter, expect to find a birds nest
or even worst a squirrel making a winter home. Many customers let down there awnings in the spring to find them full of holes.

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