Fabric Window Awnings

Aesthetic and Functional Value of Window Awnings

Residential Window Awning

Residential Window Awnings

Before the invention of air conditioning, keeping a house cool in the heat of the summer was difficult. Opening the window and using a fan were the best options. Unfortunately the sun would still beat through the window raising the temperature inside the house. That is why custom fabric window awnings were so popular, houses would have an awning on every window that got a lot of sun. As air conditioning became affordable for everyone, the need for window awnings declined as a functional element to keep the house cool. As more colors and stripe patterns were developed, window awnings started to be used more for their aesthetic value than functional value.

Energy Savings

Installing a fabric awning on a window that gets direct sunlight will help to lower the internal temperature of your house, which means the air conditioner does not have to work as hard. The traditional pull up style awning can be used in summer during hot weather and easily taken off the house and stored in the winter to allow the sun to help warm the house during cold months.

Regardless of whether fabric awnings are being used for their functionality or aesthetic value the styles and materials will continue to evolve to meet the needs of homeowners in the future.

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